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here you come to the lighthouses - indexes
in the moment you can visit 737 lighthouses in 11 countries, 14 indexes

to the lighthouses - maps
where the lighthouses are located, maps with zoom in

lighthouse excursions (in German!)
detailed reports about our numerous excursions to lighthouses, with helpful tips

guests gallery
a selection of the best pictures, sent from our homepage visitors

how the lighthouses flash (text and animations)

functions of lighthouses
something about the functions of lighthouses (text and diagrams)

how far the lighthouses shine (range of light, visibility - text and diagrams)

height of fire and height of tower
a comparision of different heights of lighthouses

some fine beacons
a selection of the most beautiful beacons

wallpaper with calendar
here you can download a new wallpaper with calendar every month

sunsets by the lighthouses
some pictures of sunsets by our lighthouse excursions

geographical co-ordinates
convert geographical co-ordinates

look in all directions from the lantern room or the gallery of a lghthouse

stay in a lighthouse
some hints for overnight stays, marriages in lighthouses

overview about the last updates at this pages

our guest book
we would be very happy about your sign in our guest book - thank you!

lighthouse quiz
ten questions about lighthouses - some seconds for lazy hours

lighthouse puzzle
a picture of a lighthouse is in disorder - please help to put it together

about us
impressum - only some words - not more

lighthouse forum
discussion forum about lighthouse themes (together with friendly lighthouse pages)

selection of nice lighthouse pages in world wide web

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