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question 1

In which country the Heikendorfer Yacht-Club bought the lightship, which is today a club and youth residence ?


question 2

What does it mean if the lighthouse Heidkate is alternate blinking with red and yellow colours ?

the visibility in the Kieler Förde is less than one kilometre
at booth adjoining shooting areas exercises take place
there are waiting times before entering the North-Baltic Sea-Channel

question 3

How the island is called where lighthouse Schleimünde stands ?

Lotseninsel (Pilot Island)
Fährinsel (Ferry Island)
Pirateninsel (Pirate Island)

question 4

What is the peculiarity of the roof dome of the Dutch lighthouse Noordwijk ?

it is completely made of glass
it is surrounded by sun collectors
dune grass is growing there

question 5

The Belgian lighthouse Oostende has two oscillating abdominal belts, of which colour they are ?


question 6

At many French lighthouses, for instance in Calais, there is the sign of "PHARES ET BALISES", what shows it ?

a red star
the Tricolore (French flag)
the trident of Neptun

question 7

The west tower of the island of Wangerooge never worked as a lighthouse, why ?

because of scarcity of money
because it is a facsimile
it was always a daylight navigation mark

question 8

St. Mathieu in France is well-known for the great lighthouse and the ruin of the monastery, but there also a little lighthouse stands. Where ?

on the adjoining cemetery
in the former medieval dorter of the monks
at the end of the cloister

question 9

There are great planes for the whole area around the Danish lighthouse Skjoldnæs at the island of Ærø, which ?

there will be built links with 18 holes
there will be built a great event parc
it shall be changed into a nature reservat

question 10

Two lighthouses stand at the "Elbow" in the north of the island of Sylt, which is greater ?

Sylt West
Sylt East
booth have the same height

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