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question 1

Which combination of colours had lighthouse Arkona from 1980 till 1992 ?


question 2

In which building the fire Helsingør at the Danish coast of the Øresund is located ?

in one of the four towers of the castle
in a television tower
in a water-tower

question 3

Which lighthouse has 17 m below the lantern a little bay (called flower window), in which a cross fire is located ?

Kampen (Sylt)

question 4

Lighthouse Staberhuk at Fehmarn island consists of two kinds of bricks, which differ in colour, why ?

to spare the painting in different colours
during the building of the tower no sufficient bricks of the same colour weren't available
the bricks on the western side were destroyed by weather and had to be removed

question 5

The entry to the port of Visby on the island of Gotland is just marked by a improvised lighthouse, why ?

the original lighthouse was removed under cover of darkness
a storm blows the light from the pier
a ferry, unable to navigate, destroyed the pier head

question 6

How many white rings has lighthouse Amrum ?


question 7

How the highest point in the North of the island of Hiddensee, where the white lighthouse with the same name stands, is called ?


question 8

What ist the nickname of the rear light "Fischereihafen" in Bremerhaven ?

Sprotte (sprat)
Ringelsocke (ring sock)
Doppelkorn (double liqueur-glass)

question 9

On the island of Rügen a lighthouse was removed in end of 2002, which ?

Kollicker Ort
Sassnitz Mukran

question 10

Esbjerg harbour ist the last home of an old lightship, of which ?

Horns Rev
Skagens Rev
Gedser Rev

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